The Mancos Times Tribune


Letterpress and risograph with silkscreen softcover, 10 in. x 8 in., edition 30, 2016-17

OF THE TIMES utilizes the archive—as a construction and as a recursive vehicle—by framing and reframing the history of the Mancos Times Tribune currently housed in the Mancos Common Press. Through reproducing letterpress cuts from the Tribune while documenting the then-current site, the book compresses time through analog and digital media. Utilizing metaphor and ephemera, THE TIMES foregrounds history as an interpretation—rough approximations for a time, a place, a public.

Letterpress cuts printed from the archive of the Mancos Times Tribune, Mancos Common Press as an artist-in-residence & risographs printed at the Common Press, University of Pennsylvania.

A.I.R., 2016

Available at Printed Matter

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